Friends Only

My journal is Friends Only. :3 Please friend me first then comment to be added. All comments are screened. However, please read the following first:

1. Make sure we have at least a few things in common.

2. Please at least attempt proper English/grammar on the whole. I understand some things call for the butchering of this language, but don't do it constantly throughout every entry. If English isn't your native language, that's fine, but if you post in English please make an attempt. (I'm really quite lenient to my foreign friends, just here for obvious reasons. <3)

3. LJ-cut was invented for a reason. Know how to use it and do use it. If you post something and I have to scroll down three feet to see the next post on my F-list you will be deleted.

4. I know it's "your journal" and you'll post whatever you want, but if you are excessively EMO, whiny, immature, etc.. >_> I understand we all have our moments, but if it's nearly every/every other post I will not put up with it, k? :D

5. If you are homophobic leave now.

6. I reserve the right to change/add rules to this without notice.

If I decide not to add you, it's nothing personal. I have my reasons. <3
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